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I really think that people who didn't ever heard for Storari and have ever hardly heard for Messina football club should post some shitty posts like "Why is this ugly no-good keeper coming, and not Buffon, Amelia, Cech?!".
I would really love to see Buffon or Cech in Milan goal too, but this is the real world. We were desperate because Kalac is badly injured and had to find a good replacement for Dida (who is also recovering from a bad injury) and had to find it really fast. Storari is no world class in terms of consistency and security but he can make some decisive saves (e.g. Milan vs Messina). I actually watched him in a couple of games and he can do some freakin' miracles, it's not his fault that the likes of Zoro and Iuliano are "defending" the goal... He is much better GK than Kalac (I really don't get it why did we sign him) and is 30 which makes him on of the younger squad members. In my opinion it's not money thrown away and Storari can contribute to our success...
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