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Yeah tell me about it

The last time there was a stampede, bees where the cause in National Stadium ... apparently, there was a hive so huge, the match had to be stopped + some player was a hero in the papers for saving a child being stepped on

We are supposed to have a stadia-program which was supposed to be well underway by now, but from what I've heard, not yet been initiated + just talk: renovating the National Stadium (Independence Stadium) in Lusaka + two more other 'modern' (I'll be the judge of that when I see them) stadiums in two other cities. The Konkola Stadium was a temporary host + is owned by Konkola Blades - A team run by one of the Copper Mines that was recently privatized.

Something I didn't understand because there are three other stadiums in the capital (habitual runaway league leaders + winners Zanaco's for example - sponsored by a National owned Bank) which would have been more central + I IMO were secure enough. I was under the opinion that the Konkola Stadium was more secure + probably just edged Zanaco's stadium in capacity ... but after this?

Fuck ... FAZ has been shit ever since the resurgence from the plane crash. Filled with incapable corrupt pieces of shit who have no serious intent in developing the game - a game which Zambia has a huge tradition in. Fucking ******s! We can say goodbye to a lot of income that the World Cup would have generated at this rate Seriously, sometimes I think I would do a better job running the country

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