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Brilliant Patrick Phiri's innovative tactics have effectively put to end any hopes of us qualifying to Ghana 2008 I'm not too disheartened since I saw this coming for quite sometime. When will FAZ finally accept the fact that Zambian football terribly needs foreign intervention? Idiots

ACN Ghana 2008: fixtures, date and time

Botswana 2-1 Mauritania - 16/6/07
Seychelles 0-2 -Sudan - 16/6/07-16h30
Eriteria 1-0 Kenya - 16/6/07- 15h30
Burkina Faso 0-1 Tanzania- 16/6/07-18h00
Algeria 2-0 Guinea - 16/6/07-21h00
Cap Vert 0-0 Gambia - 16/6/07-16h00
Namibia 1-1- RD Congo - 16/6/07-15h00
Zambia 1-1 Tchad - 16/6/07
Malawi 0-1-Marocco - 16/6/07

Morocco are through.

Not only was that Chad's first point, but also their first goal in the qualifiers

Edit: To make matters worse, South Africa slipped up with a 1-1 draw versus Congo - the first goal they've conceded. We would've closed the gap had we won

Standings with only one round of games to go.


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