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^^ Anytime

Well, in his defense, Lusha mentioned it was FAZ policy that the VP be reachable in Lusaka at all times + he is isn't from Lusaka. But The Post investigated + uncovered some pretty lush belongings that were allegedly tied to him within Lusaka through a third party. I think he simply stepped into the norm which is at FAZ ... can't imagine what other officials took. So he's one of the culprits.

I was rather pleased then when the current Zambian administration publicly prioritized the fight against corruption, which has been on the decline ever since. They also cut the funds going to FAZ citing their stadia projects ... which I don't mind since they've been investing in other sectors - mainly education, health + transport. But a European coach surely wont cost THAT much.

Our U-20 Team's in Canada for the FIFA Junior World Cup. Hopefully they'll do well

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