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Originally Posted by *rossonera*
someone we know scouts feinduno when she's not scouting benzema/arfa, i think he's from guinea?
To be honest, only Guinean player I know is Balde (used to play for Ceptic). But most of them play Ligue 1, which is why they gel well together. Haven't seen them in a while though, so I could be wrong about them. Feinduno? Lost me there ... kindly elaborate?

i think some of the teams bandied as favorites have been rather poor recently [granted, the teams coached by germans are the only ones whose results i follow], we could easily see a surprise winner + my hunch is mali. so you could be right about group b.
Yep, Mali have a good team + have been reaping the benefits of a good youth setup for sometime now. If not this generation, the one after should achieve more. However, I was kinda leaning towards Group C

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