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Man above me:

yip and the kid was born blind from what I heard. Trinis are famous for the above type incidents. I once remember falling asleep for one final year exam and my final year design project presentation

I still graduated with honours

This is the order of priority of the average Trini:

3)alcohol (even some of the muslims are certified alcoholics )
4)family life/work/community work etc ('serious stuff')

The other trinis in Europe generally are even more laid back than Yorke. Russell Latapy our most talented and arguably best player ever....never reached the heights that he could have for the same reasons.....he was also a HEAVY smoker (hence no stamina). On his day and when fit Russell could weave through any defense and score with either foot. He had it all speed, vision, and allround great technique....he is the only other trini listed in the top 50.

We are so horribly laid back that our team could be down 4-0 and nobody even sheds a tear because half the stadium is drunk and the other half are trying to get it on

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