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Originally Posted by Senatore_M84 View Post
REAL football is played in north/south america. that's it
And Central America (damn can't wait for the most underrated int. tournament out there, UNCAF , 4 out of 6 teams qualify directly, and 1 goes to play a rematch against a Caribbean team, considering we got Nicaragua+Belize in CA, you can pretty much guess who qualifies, though Nicaragua beat Guatemala last time around, and I remember Honduras players wanting to get rewarded for qualifing in the rematch :O).

No but seriously, in this side of the world football is lived with such a level of passion, very very few places in other continents understand it. It may be quality crap football (but I tell you no one has celebrated like Nicaragua after beating Guatemala), but it's soo high on emotions, rivalries, etc.

Originally Posted by Senatore_M84 View Post
Edit: MAkes me miss the world cup. What makes the world cup special is usa, ghana, uruguay, slovenia, japan, paraguay, and on. All the 'underdog' countries who are 100% heart. grr.... 4 more years
WC is such an amazing thing, and watching 'underdog' teams doing well (on their own merit, as say Korea wasn't exactly something nice to watch) or just understanding the emotions of a nation that was able to get a point for their first time ever or get win against a bigger nation, it's the things that make the WC such a magical event.

Include qualifiers drama too, seriously as much as it hurt till the WC finished, that Bornstein goal was such a rollercoaster ride of emotions, I just remember I ended up walking in circles for about 15 minutes thinking "not true not true". And yet we were still so close to beat Uruguay in the Centenario, if only SaborĂ*o would've not been in one of his "droughts", he beat Lugano so fucking easily but then made a horrible shot. Never did I thought Uruguay was going to reach the semifinals of the WC later on.

I get highly emotional when hearing my national anthem played in the WC, I have gotten tears (actually it's a small country, when I have heard it in other big moments ever since I was very little I cried, and I'm not an ultra nationalistic, but I love my country). I can't talk much about 1990, but at 2:00 am in 2002, I was soo proud of my NT, specially against Turkey in a moment Emre tried to act like a big dick, and everyone in our NT pushed him around. Or when we kind of bounced back against Brazil from 3-0 to 3-2 (sure they scored 2 more later on, but do you really understand that emotion being 3-0 at the 25th of the 1st half, imagining the worse and then being sooo close, and trust me, even at 5-2 we were soo close to score at least twice again).

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