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Berlusconi: 'I love Pato, but...'

Barbara Berlusconi is the daughter of the Milan President, on the Board of Directors and girlfriend of striker Alexandre Pato. “He’s no different.”

Berlusconi gave an interview to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair about her status at the club and her romance with one of their star players.

“All the players in the squad are for sale at the right price, including Pato. He’s no different to the others,” she insisted.

“This relationship is not a sudden whirlwind. If I wasn’t in love with him, then I wouldn’t be by his side.

“I am happy, as Alexandre is a person it’s good to share with. I wasn’t ready for a new love after my divorce, but it happened and here I am.

“I feel like a normal girl who has fallen in love with a nice guy. I wouldn’t make a status issue out of it.

“If I have made a mistake, then I’ll be the one to find that out. I certainly can’t live by the criteria others decide are best for me.”
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