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Default Milan Top Three || Match 25: Fiorentina 1-1 Milan

Just noticed that a Top 3 thread hadn't been created for this one.


No one had a good game though. Rebic scored and made things happen, but he also gave the ball away on way too many occasions.
Ibra scored a great, wrongfully disallowed goal and created space for Rebic as always, but he also creates counters for the opponents when he drops deep to attempt difficult through-balls. His low workrate tires out the team quicker and messes up our defensive shape.

Romagnoli had an excellent game, until the unnecessary and poorly executed tackle at the end.

Bennacer also had an excellent game, until he lost all his senses at the end.

Kessie mixed Rui Kessie with Frank Kessie.

Samu made a few great crosses, and helped out defensively, but he seems to be low on energy compared to a few weeks ago. Possibly carrying an injury.

Theo was awful for the most part. Hakan was worse than usual.

Saelmakers acted as if he had been instructed to be the fullback. His ridiculously defensive positioning dragged Kessie and Bennacer out of position and nearly lost us all the 3 points against 10 men.

Gabbia was alright, considering it's his first start, but he was also carried hard by Romagnoli.

Musacchio came on and nearly caused a 2nd penalty.

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