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After so many years I had to share couple of thoughts. This is ridiculous. With all the respect to Corona virus and all the victims, the only true virus in Italian football is JUVENTUS. Nothing has been left to a chance by given them this absurd penalty in the last minute combined with having Ibra, Castillejo and Theo all suspended for the second game. Not sure if any of them actually deserved a suspension (maybe Theo).?

but it is not enough, as now they want to restrict Milan fans to go supporting there club at Allianz arena while their supporters are very welcomed.??? Once the decision has been taken to play behind the closed doors, they obviously didn't like it, but probably would accept it if they haven't had to play without their best player Rolando. Now that this is happening they will do all they can to postpone the game.. Incredibile
Postponing the game is of no use to them.

Their April May schedules are now going to be beyond packed which is a massive detriment to their UCL ambition.

There is no way they will be able to manage their resources to perform at the level required to win UCL with the schedule they have.

(Uder the assumption they actually do beat Lyon. )

And to think... All this because some dude in Lombardy decided to ignore his symptoms and go out for a few parties

Sit back and enjoy. They are about to get cooked.
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