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Originally Posted by Samaldinho View Post
I think it is pretty simple, every player is uncertain about their future, about whether they are valued or not, the coach has been undermined, the idea that they are part of a project to resurrect Milan is undermined.

They looked like an unfocused group. It was an ugly game. Gazidis is at fault, in my view. I think Boban just exposed what was going on behind the scenes.
If Rangnick is appointed, then I hope 95% of the squad is cycled out over the next three years and I suspect it will be. I’ve shit on the players more then enough at this point, so I’m not going to blast anyone individually anymore because they are all trying to play football in an absolutely toxic environment. I cannot envision a scenario in which this squad rallies behind even a great manager and rises to the top of Serie A. There is too much PTSD, too much toxicity that has worn down the psyche of the squad, the club, and its fans.

We have to suffer through another fucking year 0 because the club’s nepotism, incompetence, and downright embarrassing infighting has resulted in another wasted year.
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