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Originally Posted by Hitchens View Post
I wanted both answers without knowing it.

Please send some updates from the front line. My fiancee is a nurse in the ER and they now have to treat all elderly with gloves and surgical masks regardless of symptoms. In the caste-making department 7 out of 30 is not in quarantine.

How are your rules for quarantine? Exposure to a known victim without mask/symptoms gets you sent home for how long?

Don't wear yourself out completely bro. It's better to keep yourself fed, slept and hydrated in the best way possivle. That will make you able to fight longer
Best of luck to her. If we are exposed without ppe or show any symptoms it's minimum 2 weeks self quarantine at home. There's a form to fill out daily which includes taking your temp twice and sending it to the higher ups in the hospital every 5 days. More days in isolation depends on how sick you are.

Originally Posted by leaf View Post
This might be a bit from left field...but do you know of any reusable N95 masks?

I was also wondering what are your thoughts on soaking surgical masks in vinegar and re-using when they've dried (oooh boy I'm going to get it for that one I can feel it lolz)

I saw one online that looked legit but the BBC said that they aren't reputable.
Anyone else is free to chip in their opinion.
I haven't heard that but I have hear putting it in the oven at 325F for 30 mins works...but I can already forsee people burning their houses down. "If 30 mins at 325 works then 10 mins at 900F should do it" type geniuses.

If there was a reliable way to reuse them I'm sure we'd be doing so. Until then they last 8 hours, and we wear ours up to 12 and beyond if jobs go late. So yeah.

I appreciate the kind words from y'all.


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