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Originally Posted by KujaIX View Post
We would be stupid to not want EL.

On a purely cowardly note, imagine if we'd come up against shit teams instead of Arsenal and then on, we'd have made it further, bigger name, bigger revenue.

Losing to Arsenal wasn't great but we had an unfortunate draw and it got us on the map again.
Absolutely agree that we shouldn't forfeit the EL. Not because I think it's stupid, but I feel AC Milan is always supposed to go for as many trophies as possible, regardless in what state we are.

That being said, advancing a bit more than we have doesn't really give us that much more money. Sure, every little bit helps, but it's not even close to what CL gives and the argument against EL goes that missing it makes chances of CL better which in turn is a much better proposition for earning that money.

Still, rather have EL and make EL again than not have EL and miss CL

Whatever, bottom line is we should definitely go for EL.

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