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Originally Posted by KujaIX View Post
England really should've played a different style... fucking long ball Pearce... Oh well, I don't really care for the Youth England teams.

From the bits I caught, it didn't look like they set out to play long ball. This generation of players have got it into their heads that they want to play passing football, but they haven't yet developed any kind of awareness of how to go about it. The movement and the understanding of space just aren't there yet. As a result, they kept getting bogged down in pointless passes between Smalling, Jones and Muamba, before eventually being forced to go long. Unplanned, disorganised long ball is never pretty.

I'll be charitable though, and say that Wilshere could have made a difference. He's massively overrated, but he does brain a lot more smartly than the average English midfielder.
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