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Originally Posted by RivippoRuiNestaShevdini
Originally Posted by PB
Melchiot could be a good sign up
This is great. Just the sort of comic relief I had been in search for.

Mario Melchiot always wanted to become a football player badly........and he has fully realized his dream......he has become a bad footballer. Poorous at best.

Serie A Strikers would expose this man's horrendous defending to a point you can only imagine.
Donatello,I dont agree with your comments about Melchiot.He has all characteristics of a good defender.At least he is better than Simic or Helveg.

Masimo Oddo is a talent right back too.I havent seen his matches recently but I have heard he is a promising young player.

Lippi,you can go to hell.nobody cares.
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