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Originally Posted by kharrazian
Originally Posted by RivippoRuiNestaShevdini
Originally Posted by PB
Melchiot could be a good sign up
This is great. Just the sort of comic relief I had been in search for.

Mario Melchiot always wanted to become a football player badly........and he has fully realized his dream......he has become a bad footballer. Poorous at best.

Serie A Strikers would expose this man's horrendous defending to a point you can only imagine.
Donatello,I dont agree with your comments about Melchiot.He has all characteristics of a good defender.At least he is better than Simic or Helveg.

Masimo Oddo is a talent right back too.I havent seen his matches recently but I have heard he is a promising young player.
Thats fair. But personally.....people said Winston Bogarde and Michael Reizinger were going to be great defenders too. Both of them look and play very similar to Mario Melchiot.

Another thing too.....the Dutch aren't really known for producing defenders......historically that is.

Seriously, when Stam, Hofland, and De Boer is what your country can boast about during the topic of defensive talismen.....well might be better to keep quiet......

BUT.......if the topic of discussion switches to attack-minded players.....




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