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You need to decide wot type of player Mbaka is for you. Give you an example:

The Lazio game, the one we lost, the cup game. Mbaka took the ball from near the centre circle and ran with it, he even did a bit of a Piazza from Brazil '70 in the run-up and managed to get close to Lazio's box... end result was he got fouled and fell.

That for me is a bonus, this is not wot I look to him to do in a game first and foremost... I dont want him to be my Laudrup, I'll go buy a Laudrup.

Now, in the same game, the same half, 2/3 mins later the game was in our half on the righ side of the pitch (Lazio's left), Lazio player was running down the flank and he had a teammate slightly ahead of him who he made the pass to... Mbaka was nonchalantly jogging towards them without any sense of rush or concern, if he had, he couldve intercepted the pass or stuck his leg out and put the ball out of play but he didnt, wot happened was the pass was completed and the other teammate got the ball and put in a dangerous cross... went right past everyone on the 12 yard line.

Thats wot I want Mbaka to do first and foremost... shut down attacks... he's horrible at it.

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