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Originally Posted by dee_pee
milan bought 4 of them, davids, bogarde, reiziger and kluivert...and the history has been written, nobody from them ever been succes in milan,what a waste of money to spend....
They stayed put for another year and reached the CL final in 96 (lost to Juve via penalty shoot out) before the team disintegrated. In 96/97 we bought Reiziger and Davids. Kluivert and Bogarde came in 97/98. They came quite cheap since their contract expired with Ajax. I won't blame all of them for doing poorly with Milan, it's more to the fact that the team was in disarray when they came. We sold Davids to Juve and he emerged to be one of the best DM in the game. We sold Kluivert to Barca and he ended up wonderful. Same case like Vieira to Arsenal from 96/97.

Seedorf went to Sampdoria and did terrible there too before moving to Real Madrid and won CL in 00.

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