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Originally Posted by dev1L
should we open the thread named "best R9 suporter" ?
Even I would lose that contest....what can I possibly do against a guy named "Ronaldo9"??

Originally Posted by Ashish
screw yourself old man
i removed avtar cause i know i would be banned, abusing pricks who kisses crispos in inter bench

no time to hear your trash anymore einstein so you go in my ignore list.
Dude where do you get off?? Just like the way it's not fair for others to knock the Ronaldo fans* for being fans of Ronaldo in discussions that have NOTHING to do with R9 what the hell does Radio's inordinate love for Brazli's bitch (sorry radio couldn't help that one ) have to do with this discussion??

How about just blowing on by with all the prevailing winds of the forum.....Ancelotti hatred, Ronaldo hatred Seedorf hatred, unbridled love for Ronaldinho etc.....P.S. Argentina won the Olympics so you and Radio should agree on everything

*I would have said "us" but real ronaldo fans don't discard him so easily

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