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Someone in the "Time to Sell" thread wanted to sell Rino becuase he "wasn't a good attacker". So I let him have it:

Originally Posted by MilanoMichael
Ah yes, I forgot that every midfielder has to attack(lie). Rino is so stupid(lie), only an idiot would think of actually playing defense(lie).
You are absolutely right(lie)! We should sell Rino because he isn't good enough on ATTACKS (lie). The notion of a midfielder playing defense is absurd(lie)!

I suspect the next person you want to get rid of is Dida, because he doesn't score goals like Palop?

Seriously, stop acting like an "expert" on football. I bet all you care about are "Goals, Goals, GOALS!" The basic concept of football can be divided into 4 General groups:
  1. Attacking
  2. Defending
  3. Playmaking
  4. Coaching



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