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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
I don't watch cricket nor care two hoots for the Indian cricket team. I like genealogy and culture though.

How many tall lean Punjabis have you seen playing for India? If at all there are punjabis, they are vegetarian fatties. Diet is skewed between the two countries here.

Srinath whom you mentioned comes from an area where the genetics are completely different and again the core diet is vegetarian.

And many Pakistani players are also Pashtuns, Pathans.. gene pools that India has little access to.
Ah fair enough. So majority of the indian players are vegetarian. I have seen many tall lean punjabis in brisbane though. Not sure about india. I just dont think that the pubjabis or indians from india have inferior genes compared to pathans etc. Like you say, its more to do with diet which seems plausible. What about umesh? And aaron? They are really fast but wildly inconsistent. Where is umesh and yadab from? Nurture bowlers from the state they are from? Seems like they have good genes perhaps due to good diet.
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