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Originally Posted by censorthiis
6/27/2007 12:50:00 PM

Primavera player Davide Di Gennaro scored 14 goals this season, not to mention the many times that he was called up for the first team. Now, the 19 year old will go on loan to Bologna for a year with high expectations all around

The summer is full of plenty of market moves. New players are signed. Dreams come true. Excitement prevails. And there are also the loans, which are important in their own way as well, especially those that hint at a promising future. This is the direction that youth player Davide Di Gennaro takes as he goes on a one season loan to Bologna.

They say that he is an attacking midfielder to watch, a young player with plenty of talent. Milan have entrusted their football prodigy to a prestigious club that will certainly help him to the even greater level that he already seems to be capable of.

Davide Di Gennaro scored 14 goals this last season with the Primavera. His performance has already shown growth with four of those goals made in the first half of the season and ten in the second. Two of those 14 were hat-tricks to boot. He is a major contributor to the 54 points and final sixteen finish that his side conquered. Di Gennaro was also frequently seen on the bench of the first team. He was there in Glasgow against Celtic and he made his debut in Serie A against Udinese on May 19, just four days before the Athens final.

The promising growth of a young Milan player is without limits and the future for natural talent like Di Gennaro is shining as bright as ever. He makes his next move towards the top with a team that will fodder his already sound beginnings.

I read a lot of good things about Di Gennaro, but he's already 19.

Shouldn't he be further the our primavera squad if he really is that good?

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