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Originally Posted by Milano84 View Post
theres not a proper stadium in the world which costs under 150 million.

Milan would not biuild some 20,000 seat stadium which costs probably what ur saying....

Emirates cost just under 400 million pounds. New Wembley cost 800 million pounds. Allianz (bayern munich's which opened in 2005) cost 340ish million euros. Juventus new stadium is projected to cost only 150 million. How is beyond me.... but it's only 40k seats too... probably lacks a lot of amenities

Stadiums are HUGE scale construction projects and of what i know of italy, it will only cost more.....

The payoff is DEFINITELY there long term though... but it's long term.

here is link to all stadiums in world by capacity:

The newer ones will say construction cost, and those r only ones which matter as a point of referenc anyway...
Jube's stadium is also going to have a mall/cinema from what I heard, Milan can make a stadium say like 60k? milan's average attendance is somewhere between 48-54k I believe, so a 60k stadium would be perfect, anyways the likes of jube and inter are building stadiums for a good reason, its time Galliani and co. set it out and look for a good solution for the better future.
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