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Old 09-02-2017, 09:14   #581
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Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
Very on point and I mostly agree with you. Pasalic was very bad once again, he misses too many big chances where we could have scored way earlier. Thankfully in the end he got an assist not even me with a broken leg could have missed, but to his credit I mist say he did very well on positioning him perfectly in that ocasion, finally running into the right spaces and not always hiding somewhere behind opponents.

Bacca as I said many times is not the right player fir this system, Montella demands him to do things that he can't so he seems like a fish out of water. What we need is a target man (tall, physically string ą la Giroud, Dzeko or Kane for example) or a player who has a very good technique/first touch so that he's able o create spaces within micoseconds without struggling with the ball like bambi on ice.

Bacca is a great pocher but our system simply doesn't need that kind of player and since Bacca seems unable to adapt he will always look like a fish out of water

Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
Btw we play better when we don't try to occupy the opponents half. Almost all goals and res cards of this season came from fast counter attacks of our opponents. Our team simply has not the quality to stand this high in the pitch, we need to play deepee into our zone.
. wrote it on the montella thread
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Old 09-02-2017, 10:13   #582
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Well that was some real battle of Thermopylae(300) style shit going on last night. Backs to the wall, outnumbered and a ref supporting Bologna. But we dug deep and got a great result(in the circumstances). I must admit when I saw Poli coming on my head sank, but boy was I wrong. What a performance he put in. He seemed to galvanise the remaining players and raise there will and determination to a new level.
A great never say die attitude from the whole team and long may it continue.

Forza Milan!!!!!!!!!
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Old 09-02-2017, 11:27   #583
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Woo hoo! Amazing game yesterday! Very proud of all the boys! We are AC Milan!
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Old 09-02-2017, 15:37   #584
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very important win for us. this could be our turning point.
once again we were bad in the first half but surprisingly we played better when we went down to 9.
massive save from donnarumma on that kreijci shot kept us fighting until the end. also poli after he came in he got injured but stay in the field and run like crazy.
deulofeu's performance was simply brilliant! congrats to the 9 players that finish the game and managed to come away with a win and end this negative run for us.
next game on Monday to olimpico and its important to stay on track. if romagnoli is fit then I would like to see Gomez next to him.
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Old 09-02-2017, 17:03   #585
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Yeah but I think Zapata is in front of Gomez in the picking order given that Montella even made him captain aginst Samp.
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Old 10-02-2017, 14:43   #586
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yes I know but I think Gomez performed better when called upon comparing to Zapata.
anyway it seems that romagnoli will not be ready for Lazio so Zapata-Gomez will play together
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