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Old 30-10-2017, 10:02   #321
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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
kessie is shit at passing, he has already assisted the opposition twice this season.

I'd bench both of them for monto and locatelli
Nah. It is Locatelli and Biglia/Kessie (give the nod to Kessie). If our buildup is slow just imagine how slow would be with Montolivo.

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montolivo is better than this fraud
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Too obvious when you pull the montolivo card

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People turning on Biglia same way they turned on Montolivo.

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doesn't deserve the criticism he gets here, but he was not worth the money we paid for him. he's almost 32 and he's a small step up from monto (although not recently) and situationally better than loca... bigla was great at lazio because he was there for years, knew their system, etc. now he is re-integrating in a vital role.. gonna take time, and he doesn't have that much time as he's already just about 32 (yes older players can still be great, but biglia is not). good player who has been playing bad, but just not worth the price.. should have shopped somewhere else...

season is fucked for CL anyways (i know there's a chance i just don't think it's gonna happen), just start Loca and Kessie together and start building for the future.

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