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IL Diavolo 3
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Default Ivan Gazidis

An interesting piece taken from Swiss Ramble regarding our CEO target Ivan Gazidis.

As talk intensifies of a potential move of Arsenal’s chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, to Milan, I thought it would be interesting to look at how the club’s financials have developed since he arrived in January 2009. Some thoughts in the following thread #AFC #Milan #ACMilan

#AFC revenue has grown by an impressive £198m under Gazidis, only outpaced by #MCFC £366m & #MUFC £303m in absolute terms. However, this was the 2nd smallest % growth of Big 6. Furthermore, 2017/18 revenue is likely to be £40-50m lower, due to not qualifying for Champions League.

Analysing #AFC £198m revenue growth under Gazidis, most (£125m) is from TV, due to central Premier League deals. As Warren Buffett said, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Commercial up £69m, but this was a slam dunk after long-term sponsorships linked to stadium funding expired.

#AFC commercial revenue, where you would expect Gazidis to have most influence, has grown by £69m, the second lowest of the Big 6 over this period, only ahead of #THFC £44m. #AFC growth was around a third of #MUFC £209m and also behind #MCFC £180m, #CFC £81m and #LFC £76m.

In fairness to Gazidis, Emirates extended their #AFC deal (shirt sponsorship & naming rights) from 18/19 for £40m a year (up £10m) – the same as #CFC & #LFC, but below #MUFC £58m (current exchange rates) & #MCFC £45m. Also added “visit Rwanda” as sleeve sponsor for £10m a year.

In 2013 Gazidis said #AFC “should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich”. Since then, revenue gap fell from £127m to £82m in 2017, but this is still a large shortfall. With the anticipated £40-50m revenue reduction in 18/19, gap will be same as it was.

In 2011 Gazidis said that “we deliberately kept some powder dry” re #AFC spending plans, which has proved to be a poor strategy, as transfer fees have continued to significantly rise, while the weaker Pound has further reduced the club’s spending power.

Furthermore, #AFC ability to outspend others has diminished. In 2012 they had almost as much cash (£154m) as the rest of the Premier League combined (£181m), but in 2017 other clubs have seen their cash boosted by new PL TV deals, so they now have £819m compared to #AFC £180m.

Indeed, after many years of rising cash, this has actually fallen at #AFC in last 2 years: £2m in 2016 & £46m in 2017. This is arguably no bad thing, as it is partly due to higher player purchases, but it does mean that Arsenal now have less cash than #MUFC £290m & #THFC £200m.

Up to the end of the 2016/17 season Gazidis had received £18m remuneration from #AFC. Assuming a similar level in 2017/18 as the previous season, this means that he has trousered over £21m to date. His latest £2.6m remuneration represents a 31% increase over his first full year.

Despite a slight decrease in 2016/17 Gazidis’ #AFC remuneration of £2.6m is only below Daniel Levy’s extraordinary £6m at #THFC (though this apparently includes a backdated pay rise and bonuses), but just above Ed Woodward at #MUFC. Almost three times his #LFC equivalent £0.9m.

From a financial perspective Ivan Gazidis has not been a bad chief executive at #AFC, just not especially good. Whether his track record merits Milan’s eager pursuit is debatable. If he does leave Arsenal, the club should be able to find a replacement at least as capable.

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Originally Posted by IL Diavolo 3 View Post
An interesting piece taken from Swiss Ramble regarding our CEO target Ivan Gazidis.

Interesting read. From that it seems that Arsenal's decline in revenue was in part due to lack of success on the field. I think that was somewhat related to Wenger's reluctance to spend.
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If the rumors he wanna sign ramsey is true. I will forgive him for all the damage he has done to the club. This man is cancer
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please get rid of diesel
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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
please get rid of diesel
Second that

They are atrocious

From D&G to Diesel
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Hugh Janus
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as soon as he left Arsenal they ditched Puma and signed a huge deal with Adidas.

Originally Posted by mleite View Post
Any and all clothes look good on our Ale ! ❤️
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