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keyboard Sacchi
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Originally Posted by forzamilan107 View Post
it's gona be interesting to see how many show up fpr the CL game this week. We always seem to have a packed house no matter who we play in CL, i remember vs Auxerre it was quite packed. But now we're playing a rlly crappy unknown team. I think it's gna be empty, 60 000 max
more like 60,000 empty seats.

the san siro is shit and milan is killing itself in this game of who says FFS first. my money is on moratti .

even when it is refurbished it will still be inferior to the allianz arena, emirates and other new stadiums.


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Mr. Milanista
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Originally Posted by President Joey View Post
New Stadium would do it...

With More protection, Safety, Cameras all out of the stadium, better seat.

Do a stadium like Allianz Arena+Veltins and have it 70.000.

I want a amazing stadium, like the Allianz Arena or even better, the Donbass Arena!

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Originally Posted by milanista1899 View Post
Ashish,i think the tickets are cheaper compared to england and spain..

The financial crisis could be a real reason..Italy is in a very bad position..
make most sense, its in the most debt after Greece, Calcio/football dont endear them much anymore, for the good of italy and serie a and milan we should hope italy wins euro, i dont think still there will be any major changes.

Come on galliani whore iti n south east asia
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Originally Posted by Shiby View Post
Spending 50 euros every week to go there? Seriously? Ok if you are a huge Milan fan but for people with families and people who just want some entertainment... nope.
even more if you want to sit lower.

Originally Posted by ACmen View Post
Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..
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I don't blame the fans for not filling up the stadium, who would spend 50-100 euros to watch Milan vs cesena/lecce/ teams no one gives a slight fuck about and average/shit football.

I am enjoying juve only selling 23k tickets against bologna tho, "4million euros per match day" my ass
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Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
Um ... Flights included?
No. Like Senatore said it gets even higher if you wanna sit closer.

Check the prices and consider transport and everything to get there. Milano is not some 10k city.
And sometimes there are 3 games a week. Do the math. It even gets much, much higher then 50 euros.

Alright... people could buy season tickets but its not easy to pay a huge amount in a time of crisis. 60,70k people surely wont do that.

Renovate the stadium. San Siro is a place of history indeed. So is Colosseum.


Originally Posted by Tadej View Post
Ronaldinho is my favourite player, but his problem is, that he is drinking too much.

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