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Originally Posted by Jivara View Post
I'm actually grateful that Conte is not our coach. I really think Pioli is much better for AC Milan. Something about Conte makes me feel nervous, he is always tense and that transmits onto the players who become overly aggressive. But aside from that, he is really not being smart tactically and has a lot of players playing out of position (Perisic, Kolarov, Eriksen) and whats more is that he pressured the management to sign old players on bloated wages and I can't see that as a good idea over the long term, I can imagine Inter falling back to the Benitez days in a couple of years time. I really don't see Inter winning the scudetto, they look like a mess, and I am sure we can be the protagonists this season.
I like the motivational aspect of his coaching. His teams are always fired up and they never give up. I like overly agressive teams too.

But I agree about the rest. I remember when he was first hired by Juventus, he could use 424, 433 and a 3 man-defense. He has become a system coach with time and nowadays he seems like a one-trick-pony and it's really weird.

He was really important for Juventus rebuilding at the time. But he clearly is not interested in a project like that anymore. He's forcing Inter to push hard for trophies and they will pay a hefty price for that in the future. Giving up on Tonali for Vidal is what teams on the mode do. But I mean, their management must be somewhat on the same page or they wouldn't have hired him for 12M a years in the first place.
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I like motivating coaches but they have to keep evolving, something tells me that Conte is past it and its strange how the careers of many coaches last so short. I am thinking of Mourinho, Guardiola... these guys have clearly regressed. I think it has to do with how coaches have become celebrities themselves and they have these insane expectations always looming over their heads so they will often opt for the recipe that they know, not realising that an antidote to their style has already been discovered.

I like Pioli a lot and I was never scared when we hired him, he seems to have a gradual growth process as a coach and all those labels of him being mediocre are total nonsense, he has had strong teams wherever he went and he has matched the level of the teams that he has coached, in fact he has done better than expected. I think he has taken his chance at Milan so well, its a perfect fit considering where the club was and where we want to be. Everyone is trying to prove themselves at Milan including the coach.
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