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Old 06-06-2005, 16:53   #1
National Team Player
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Default Alex Bordoli Rates Milan


Dida - 8 - Apart from the costly mistake of letting in Smicer’s weak shot against Liverpool had an excellent season, saving Milan numerous
times, most notably both Champions League games against Inter Milan where he pulled off amazing save after amazing save to keep Milan in the
game. One of my candidates for player of the season.

Valerio Fiori - NR - Did not play this season.

Christian Abbiati - 6 - Did not play very often but when he did the opposing team usually scored a lot (even though when he played most of
Milan’s reserve defenders played also so it wasn’t all his fault). Has a lot of natural talent and probably will leave this summer in search of
first team football.


Lino Marzoratti - NR - Only played one game but the 19 year old showed a lot of maturity and promise for the future.

Cafu - 9 - Outstanding year for the 35 year old. He never stops running and provides priceless crosses for Milan. Provides an explosive attack
on the right side. You would never know he was 35 by the way he plays. My vote for player of the season.

Paolo Maldini - 7 - This guy never ages. Plays as good as any defender younger than him. Played in center and on left. A walking legend of the
game. His leadership is priceless. It truly will be a sad day when Maldini hangs up his boots. Another solid year from the captain.

Kakhaber Kaladze - 5.5 - Good attacker but not so solid on defense. If he could be more consistent he would be a starter. Probably leaving
this summer. Another up and down year for the Georgian.

Alessandro Costacurta - 4.5 - Bad year for the 39 year old. Too slow to keep up with the younger players. Did not show the consistency in front
of his own net he had last year. Should consider retiring this summer.

Alessandro Nesta - 6 - Okay year for the 29 year old. Not as consistent as last year and definitely not as dominating a defender. Will need to
return to last year’s form next year.

Dario Simic - 3 - Did not play very often but when he did the Milan defense was a disaster such as the Coppa Italia second leg against
Udinese. Disastrous year for the Croatian.

Giuseppe Pancaro - 4.5 - Injuries kept him on the bench a lot. Not as solid as last year.

Jaap Stam - 6 - An up and down year. Had great games (Man U) and horrible games (2nd Juventus game). I expected better from him.


Gennaro Gattuso - 7 - Runs his heart out for every minute of every game. A greatly underrated player. Another solid season from “Ringhio” and
has found his place in the Azzurri squad as well. Set to take over as captain when Maldini retires.

Manuel Rui Costa - 7 - Doesn’t get too many opportunities to play but when he does he is excellent. His goal against Brescia in Week 30 was
amazing. A solid season for a truly gifted player.

Clarence Seedorf - 5 - Horrible year for the Dutch midfielder. Too slow and gives possesion away too easily on offense and doesn‘t score very
often. He always disappears in the big games (Liverpool, Juventus). Galliani needs to consider selling him this summer and letting Vogel take
his place.

Andrea Pirlo - 6 - Is essential to the Milan team but was too tired this year. Didn’t get a break last summer because of Olympics and Euro Cup
and was plagued by injuries and fatigue all season long for Milan. Needs to take a long break this summer to get his energy back for next year.

Kaka - 6.5 - Struggled all year to find his form from last season but just could not find it. Okay season anyhow and should be back better
then ever next season.

Massimo Ambrosini - 6.5 - Didn’t get to play much but when he did was usually excellent. In my opinion should play more as he is one of
Milan’s best midfielders.

Vikash Dhorasoo - 7 - Outstanding player. Runs his heart out and has a lot of skill. Doesn’t play much. The question is: Why doesn’t he start?

Serginho - 8 - Amazing season for the Brazilian winger. Provides explosiveness down the left side of the field when he plays. His crosses are
priceless. Had a lot of crucial goals. One of my candidates for player of the season. Another good question is: Why didn’t he start?

Harvej Esajas - NR - Only played one game (in Coppa Italia). Looked decent.

Cristian Brocchi - 6 - Didn’t play much but gives his heart and runs a lot when he does play.


Andriy Shevchenko - 7.5 - The Golden Ball winner was not as fantastic as last year (that might partly be because he fractured his cheek bone
in the middle of the season) but he still had 22 total goals (most goals by a Milan player this season) including 17 in Serie A (possibly the
hardest domestic league to score in in the world) and 5 in Champions League (probably the hardest league to score in). Another excellent season
for Sheva.

Filippo Inzaghi - 5 - A disastrous season for “Super-Pippo”. Inzaghi missed most of the season with niggling injuries and only played in 15
games total this season. It seemed like every time Pippo would recover from one injury he would have another one. He only managed to score one
goal total this season (in the Champions League). Not what you would expect from one of Italy’s most prolific strikers. I give him a 5 for
always running and trying his hardest. I expect him back in full force next season if he can avoid injuries.

Hernan Crespo - 7.5 - Found his old form again. Scored some very important and great goals for Milan (17 to be exact) and took some of the
pressure off Shevchenko. Slowed down for a bit but came up big in the big games. I hope that Milan can sign him permanently this summer.
Fantastic season for the Argentine.

Jon Dahl Tomasson - 3 - Horrendous season for the Dane. Was so good last season but could not find that form again this season. Ten goals in
all competitions is just not enough. Needs to be sold this summer to make way for Gilardino.


Carlo Ancelotti - 4 - Did not win one trophy this season. With a squad of players considered to be the best in the world one would expect more
from this season. Has a better starting line-up and a better bench than both Juve and Liverpool but couldn’t beat either of them. He is way too
loyal to his players and does not let any new players break into the squad. He always sticks to the same starting line-up no matter who the
better players are at that moment. Reminds me of Trapattoni when he was at Italy. Also cannot hold leads. Milan are now famous for throwing away
enormous leads (Deportivo last season, PSV, Liverpool). Needs to learn from his mistakes quickly or needs to be sacked.

Alessandro Bordoli


What do u people think? This is very nice post season analysis for every player in Milan team. Some ratings are true, some smell of favoritism and some, well - questionable. Your opinions please...
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Il Re dell' Est
Primavera Player
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Fav. Players: Sheva, Rui Costa

I agree for most of his comments, but not all of them.
But I think everybody has his own opinion ...

Forza Milan
Non Ti Lasceremo Mai
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AC Milan Legend
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Fav. Players: Anyone playing for AC Milan

I though he was pretty right on in most of his anlysis. Finally a good fan article about Milan by a fan on All of the previous articles written on Milan by 'fans' have been aweful, especially compared to this one.

The first article written by a 'fan' for Milan actually started by saying the guy was a Juve fan, but liked Sheva. That one was horrible.

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National Team Player
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One thing i have to object about this. How did Pippo get a 5 and JDT a 3? I mean Pippo wasn't better that Tommason this season. In fact Tomason did score some important goals, Inzaghi did nothing.
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Originally Posted by newyorker
This is very nice post season analysis for every player in Milan team. Some ratings are true, some smell of favoritism and some, well - questionable.
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Fav. Players: Kaka, Nesta, Pirlo, Gourcuff, Oddo, Maldini

Mine would go something like this...

dida - 7
maldini - 6
nesta - 6.5
stam - 6
cafu - 7
pirlo - 6.5
gattuso - 6.5
seedorf - 4
kaka - 6.5
sheva - 7
crespo - 6.5

JDT - 5
Inzaghi - 6
Kaladze - 6
Rui Costa - 6.5
Ambrosini - 6.5
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National Team Player
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Fav. Players: Shevchenko--Maldini

He is ery hard against Ancellotti.

Thanks Sheva and good luck
Maldini shows us the way to win others titles
Forza Milan
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=alta tensione=
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Fav. Players: Inzaghi, Kaká, Pato

well I must not agree with some...I don't thing seedorf was playing so bad in the begining he was our only scorer!!!hi has got a catastrophical performance against Juve but I don't think he was such bad whole season...
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Old 07-06-2005, 18:56   #9
Senior Team Member
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Location: Honduras, now madrid
Fav. Players: fowler, maradona, pirlo

he over rated serghino and rui costa. they both had some solid games. and both had some terrible games and i mean terrible.
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World Cup Winner
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Fav. Players: Kaka, Sheva, Maldini, Baresi, Nesta, van der Vaart, Torres, Reyes, Pirlo, Gattuso, Pato

Agree with some but not all.

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Old 09-06-2005, 10:53   #11
Italian Tsar
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A fairly objective analysis, and especially hard on Ancelotti. To think Milan have now become famous for throwing away leads is just too much. Good thread.
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Old 10-06-2005, 23:52   #12
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A 4 rating for Ancelotti? Give me a friggin' break. That's just B.S. So I guess that if you don't win a trophy, then you're pretty much the scum of the earth, eh?
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National Team Player
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Fav. Players: Kaka, Inzaghi, Pirlo, Nesta

Cafu was overrated too. He may have done some great things in attack but was pretty average in defense. The good ratings for our midfield bench (Rui Costa, Serginho, Dhorasoo) are a bit suspicious too since neither of them played regularly. As for Carlo, one must remember that until May he was in the run for two major trophies. Surely he doesn't deserves a lower mark than Seedorf & Inzaghi...
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Old 11-06-2005, 09:49   #14
Passion for *9*
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Who's that guy anyway ? I mean what are his credentials other than apparently contributing to a shitty website ?

Cafu 9 is really exaggerated, Dida was 8 until April but then became increasingly butterfingered when it counted most, Gattuso + Rui = 7 is way too generous, so are the 7.5 for Sheva + Crespo + 8 for Serginho..

Rating players who didn't play more than minutes is idiotic + Seedorf should be 3.

As you said, too lenient with some + too harsh with others = very very subjective.

Milan did not convince play-wise for the bigger part of the season + barely grinding out results doesn't justify ratings above 6 or 6.5... with 1 or 2 exceptions.


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