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Anyways. I caught the second half:

1. We dominated most of the second half with exception for few moments.

2. Abate was in control for the most of the game with exception when Felipe Anderson wanted to actually play. In the few moments that Felipe Anderson wanted to play he ate Abate alive.

2. Zapata was solid with exception of the so call penalty. The ball went to the hand not the other way however very awkward play that could have awarded a pk.

3. Menez? Quite frankly hard to watch. Oh well.

4. Balo? Nice cameo. However why our striker or SS is always in midfield and if he sends a high pass to Bertolacci that is supposedly playing Balo's role for some while do I expect him to win the aerial ball against Hoedt.

5. Honda? You get what you saw for most of the season. Sometimes can be good and pretty other times rough and hard to watch. I commend Honda for his hard work but his Fks were awful and missed a clear chance after probably the only good pass from Bacca.

6. Montolivo gave us some help in midfield. We miss Kucka.

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Default Week 30: AC Milan 1-1 SS Lazio - Sunday 20/03/2016 - 20:45 CET

Originally Posted by forward View Post
Yeah, ok Sinisa. We played well and created a shit ton before the Sassuolo meltdown.

What chagned? Do you by chance share any blame as well?

During our undefeated run players were fighting for every ball and winning most balls. Right nwo they look like they are waiting for the season to end.

Well against Sassuolo we missed many important players who make the system click like Niang or Monto.

What happened afterwards is exactely what Sinisa is saying: we don't have any reliable back-ups on the bench especialy for the wings and for our SS spot. So important players like Bonaventura or Honda have no rest, they have most of the time to play for 90 minutes and run up and down like crazy since months. That's also why Jack for example has a personalized training program separated from the group. Now they are not that explosive and fresh anymore, and with their slow declining the whole teamplay declines as well.

Last but not least Silvio fucking Berlusconi is not helping at all with his comments. Once again he's destabilizing a coach before the seasons end. Such things - no matter if it's Milan, Man City, Real (I'm naming those teams because they are good examples of how they declined when the coachs authority is getting undermined - Mou, Benitez, Carlo, Pellegrini, Mancini etc) or any other clubs -always have a bad influence on the teams performance.

At least it seems that a lot of players are willing to step into the fire for their coach. Teamleaders like Abate, Abbiati and Monto saying publicly that changing coach would be an error and starting every year from zero is difficult for the group as well is a big "fuck you" towards Silvio. It's rumoured that even G is on Sinisas side and that he would like to keep him and not having the 5th coach in 4 seasons (something that never happened before under Silvio I think!?).

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Originally Posted by Tadej View Post
Serie a will need to do much more about availability to even watch the game. I am tired of low quality streams.

HD and Italian/English commentator, then we can talk. It is already hard enough to motivate myself to watch this milan.
If you're willing to pay for HD streams, there are options. At least in my experience.

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