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    Serie A Roma vs Milan

    the next match in competiton will be dificult!!!! Roma, also oppnent in final of the Coppa! but the scudetto we can't win anymore this year! too bad... lets hope on a good result this weekend!!! FORZA MILAN!!!
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    Milan - Dortmund

    Yes, Tuesday we play home against Dortmund! We are qualified as we all know but a win is always important. It gives as trust for the rest of this season and we need the money we can get cause of our big debt! Dortmund must win otherwise they are OUT! But I also hope Real goes OUT that means that...
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    Reggina - Milan

    Saturday we play away against Reggina who are at the bottom of the Serie A. That says nothing, we Milan can win from everybody but we can also lose against everybody! So, we must forget Chievo and Madrid and start again!!! Again, if we win and Juve lost points we can still come closer at the...
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    Milan - Chievo

    Ciao Tutti! Next match is Sunday 9th of March at 20.30. MILAN - CHIEVO!!! We play again at home like Atalanta last match. This match we must win....ofcourse not too lose cause than the Scudetto is gone...think real! We must win from this Veronesi than we are maybe second if Inter lost points...
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    Milan - Atalanta

    Yes, the derby between us and Atalanta will be play this weekend! Its ofcourse an important match for us, cause Juve and Inter will play together in Delle Alpi! If we win we can closer at the top! We are just 2 points away from Inter and Juve!!! Lets hope for a victory in San Siro from our...
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    Chivu (Ajax) to Milan?

    Is Christian Chivu, Romanian Starplayer and difensore from Ajax, coming to Milan next season? The Duth Press are telling that Chivu had a big offer from Real MAdrid but Real now wants Marquez from Marsiglia cause of the debts of that club. Now we, Milan, have the best chance of all to take him...
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    "All my respect to Fernando Redondo!!!"

    I have all the respect for our player Redondo! All my compliments to you Fernando! He had an terrible injury which kept him away from the field of 2 years! 2 years he hadn't play....not one match for our Milan! Now, after 2 years of pain, of hurt he is back: FERNANDO REDONDO! Another thing; he...
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    Milan vs Inter "IL DERBY"

    The next match of us is against Internazionale! Our ENEMY NO.1!!!!!!! They are now just 1 point above us. The match was planned on sunday the 24th, but because we,Milan, play the next tuesday against Real Madrid the match is moved to the day before, saturday the 23th Nov. 20.30!! I will pray...
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    Milan vs Udinese (a Wednesday match!)

    Wednesday the 6th of November 08.30 pm WE, Milan, will play in San Siro against Udinese.....if we look in the past than the fact is that we must win simply. But....if we want the Scudetto than we must look out for every team.....also Udinese. Shevchenko will play I think(I hope!!!). Ofcourse...
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    Bayern Munich - AC Milan

    Maybe a little bit early when I make this topic. Ofcourse first Lazio, but this match against Bayern is really excited for us. Bayern-Milan!!!! I think we, Milan, are in a very good mood, we can beat everybody....lets hope also Bayern, Der Angstgetner, from Germany. I hope 1-2 but I think 1-1...
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    Slovan Liberec vs AC Milan

    Milan will play the return of the CL Qualifing rounds against Slovan. The first match we won with 1-0 in San Siro. This match is so important for us. We must win to will play that important tournament this year. Ancelotti told that Rui Costa and Milan Star Rivaldo both will play!!
  12. A!!! the LOSERS!!!

    Ciao Milanisti!!! I have just sign my self in with the Inter forums. My nick name is ofcourse AC Milan Fan. I talk with that LOSERS of Inter and show them we, AC Milan, are the No.1 of Milano!!! Its really funny to see them reaction when a Milanista sign in!!!!hahahaha. WE ARE MILAN!!! WE ARE...