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  • Hey, man! what was the league code for the euro 16 fantasy league that you shared in the forum?
    Uhhh I'm pretty sure you can't spoil me, considering I'm up to date. :tongue:

    So you've reached the time-skip?
    Heb zojuist de herhaling gezien. Toffe gozer die Jurgen! Ben echt ontzettend verheugd op de komst van Clarence. Ben er vol van overtuigd dat hij het in zich heeft om een toptrainer te worden.
    Ahh that's one of the best arcs in the whole series. Lucky you, watching it for the first time. :tongue:
    I caught up with the Anime a looooooooong time back. Read the Manga weekly now.

    320... what's happening where you are at now?
    Yea either damn or me can moderate if needed.

    Hmmm themes... all I have in my mind right now is "Kaka". :lol:

    Uuuhhh how about Ex-Milan "Champions"? Like you can choose from Emerson, Mancini, Brocchi, Favalli etc. :D
    Hmmm well me, damn, Derp and Sage will always be around. necro, nuttela and ofc, Pipa are regulars too.

    Tfat said he's going to Ashish soon, but he always says that.

    Dark Knight's there, even though he's not always active in the on-topic threads. Fiero too.

    Kuja might not be able to make it, seems like he's really busy these days.

    Jasper is a bitch, but I think with this being the first game in a looong time, he should play.

    Then you have the likes of Az, Ash, Pedro etc. who have played in previous games.

    And if worst comes to worst, I can always bring in Puberty. :g:

    Is hondelul dog's dick in Netherlands? I saw a question in a quiz asking which dutch player called the referee dog's penis the first. You wouldn't happen to know this curious fact?

    Ok. It was a video from some USA show Colbert Report where they say "Happy birthday to Estonia. It's a tiny country with a good PR department."

    :lol: -

    i was in the office doing what i dont know :D robi and urby are all round players without a final product but they stepped up .. we are missing few things here and there .. if can make a run till semi final it will be :thumbsup: <3 you have fun mister .... today my bar will have open tab and my credit card will be on the shelf :beer:
    he has a chip on the shoulder and want to show allegri that he was the reason milan won titles :D so wrong and he will be so bitter :p at the end of the season ....

    OMG i am so pumped about this game ... i think i will be arrested for going mad in office .. have fun wesley .. this pressure is cracking my nut
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