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  • Seriously though, do you speak Dutch?:eek: If so, where did you learn it? I thought I read somewhere on the forum that you are from India?
    Hey i see you haven't log in for the league soccer manager game in 17 days. The season has finished now, will you be available to play in the second one?
    the best team is always performing bt yesterday we did bt it was a hard luck hope that we qualifly coz with the captain coming into the team will boast some confident in the boy
    :lol: I'm getting better and better at this photoshop thing. Before that levitating Monto pic i had never worked with it. :o
    The last time i opened a thread after someone told me to was when David asked me to open a derby thread - we lost.

    I can access the subforums, but not the threads on this forum from my phone. However, I can access these pages from other systems. I guess my IP is blocked or something. I understand that you are a moderator. Could you please look into it and let me know?

    do u watch the indian national team? if so, prepare to be destroyed by the :star:GREATEST EVER:star: (in south asia) in the semis. :D
    soul searching guy, give me a ban till knock out stage of CL, there is nothing happening in football :D

    Highly appreciate it :D
    Sucks yeah I had their game on one computer but didn't see it at all...damn, and Lorient was having a great defense so far.
    Don't think TEN Sports will air Juve-Genoa even though they have no other LIVE commitments :mad: So no match tonight on telly. :(

    Lecce v Milan on TEN Action - 4 PM
    Inter v Chievo on NEO - 6:30 PM
    Juve v Genoa on TEN Action - 8:30 PM (delayed)
    Bologna v Lazio on TEN Sports - 12:15 AM
    You promised me a scout report on "The last Bladesmam" and "Reign of assassins"


    There's apparently a third IP Man movie. IP man zero or IP man: a legend is born. I've seen it titled with both names.

    Just watched it, and if you like the other IP man movies you'll like this one as well. The story is about what happened before the first movie.

    Note: this movie is not part of a trilogy.
    Thanks a lot man. I'll be waiting for the recommendations as I'm pretty short on money on defense. I have C.R, Rooney, Iniesta, Gotze, Willian, Di defense isn't going to be all that. I want to put someone from Porto on defense since they have an easy group..
    I want a little help with the FCL . Does Gignas start for for his team? Rat (of Shakhtar) and Maicon (of Porto) ? Willian of Shakhtar?
    We do realize that Milan-Lazio is better than other, but they dont :mad::mad: Am more pissed also coz every other weekend's match will be shown (5 of them) but not ours :head: though on DishTV's guide I see Milan vs Lazio and Cesena vs Napoli being mentioned :smileani:
    fucking hell! NEO n00bs told me on twitter they'll be airing our match but instead still continue to show promo of Bundesliga match. :mad::mad::mad: What to do? :cry:
    No idea yet, but sud be since Ten Action dont have any other commitment plus Bundesliga match on friday is betn minnows ;) so will try to convince Neo n00bs as well. :D
    Yes, earlier in the newspapper I realized Gourcuff's dad was the manager (and now that you say this about him and Arsene, I wonder why Gourcuff hasn't moved to Arsenal, he seemed like "Arsenal made"), and I remembered he was known for bringing up and finding talents, so I actually like the fact that he went there instead of Lille or PSV (and he wasn't going to find much space in PSV anyway).
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