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  • I only saw bits of him in the toulon tournament ...looked decent ...,but wasn't paying much attention when i saw Erick Torres wasn't playing :tongue: ....good dribbler ...great acceleration ....passing is decent ,will most probably operate as a wide forward ...similar to Kun he relies more on dribbling than being able to hold up the ball ...will need to bulk up (upper body ) a la Kun or else he'll turn out to be another Vela
    2 legit trophies and 1 Emirates-like trophy in 3 games. Grand total of how many minutes again? Fabregas must be grinning like a Catalan Cat.
    Haha.. I predict that the guy shall briefly be Arsenal's savior, before a bigger club signs him. Arsenal's savior happens to be a temporary job.
    Sorry to bother you sir but I seem to be having problems with the 'Tell me something...' thread and the 'Italian Football' thread..the Tell Me thread isn't opening while some of the pages of the Italian Football thread are buggy, particularly 17. Any suggestions?
    1 goal maketh not a Wunderkind :tongue:

    If you haven't seen my youth team are a noob ....GREATEST TALENTS EVER :thumbsup:

    Need to focus on my first team a bit carried away with the WUNDERKINDERS so you can have him ....already have Mbaye "new Henry" Niang :cool: 2 years younger + Better :lol:
    No :( its Italian clubs not Spanish nor English :-/

    Gamper trophy betn barca-napoli is on StarSports monday night at 11:55 PM though.
    nah man just trolling on your statement :proud:
    Don't think his a good player...average

    Perisic is good ,certainly better than lewandoski(hey, who isn't :o).but would like to see how he does for a full 90...would let him stay on the wing ,see how he handles it ,maybe later as a CF

    Front 3 of perisic ,GOTZE and shinji would be epic ...all 3 can play on the wing or central ...nightmare to defend against
    Just wanted to say I think the rumors should go back to being a single thread. It's easier to get all the transfer rumors in one place. Having to check two places is more difficult :(
    ahaha, im sorry, i reply each post before reading the next. just could not get use to it now. i'll try to adjust it soon enough.
    To quote the Kaiser:

    "It is impossible to stop Mario Gotze," Beckenbauer told Bild. "He plays as if there is nobody else facing him on the pitch.

    Haters :max:

    Sad attempt to make up for Boateng's shitting himself, while GOTZE played like there is nobody else facing him on the pitch.


    you do know they could get into pot 3 ,right?
    I know that he loves Goetze and i just wanted to see his answer.

    Anyway i can't buy nothing my budget is 6,5 mil.
    Btw i saw you are using different 4-3-3 formation and i can't find it,can you help me ?:D
    Great! Downloads thread from multimedia section, remove "yesteryear" from the name of that thread coz members do request for current matches too.
    i pray allegri gets it right today,cos we cant afford to loose d super coppa
    Yeah I know, I also read that Lazio is after Pjanic (good signing for them btw).

    Again, thanks.
    Thank you, kind sir! Appreciate it.

    I own a Lyon forum together with a friend of mine who's a hard core Lyon fan, so I've been doing your headlines thingy a couple of times over there. :D
    Glad to hear that!!! You're almost done with the main version? Naah, take your time with it. I presume you've almost finished Kenji's Journey..have you come across anything called Nightvol? If you have you are close. And are you playing as Dragon or Serpent? (to do so kill the peasants at the beginning instead of protecting them)

    Don't rush the first version..the joy of it is in the maps (Skirmish)!! There you can use Wolf or :star:Lotus:star: too and customize the environment and parameters as you desire. There are just so many maps. Take your time and enjoy.

    I can't really recommend any other ones att. Once I get my new laptop this week or the next I'll actively start gaming again. I only rec those I played and loved, but maybe I'll check up a site or two to get you a list of some to try out. ;)

    Take your time and dl the both versions. You'll fall in love with the game, that's sure. Need to sleep a bit now, been awake since like 2 this morning and I've got a headache. Byeeee for now and great morning (or afternoon in India?) to you!! <3
    Check your soccer manager team, I have an offer for Van Bommel. If you are interested in selling some CB's/DMs/CMs tell me.
    Well, that's one busy life you've had. I guess you know the most important word [sharmouta :lol ]. I'm not familiar with the surname by the way. You seem like a nice guy, good luck with everything :)
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