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  • Haha - just saw that Benzema compilation.. Nice nice.. I remember the time I first saw him with Lyon - was convinced that I was watching Ronaldo reborn. But well, career decisions maketh the player :)
    Yea , 6: 20. If I do wake up to my alarm , then yes I shall be watching. But I dont want Ganso to be honest. Fabregas seems to be the best choice. I wish we could sign Rui Costa.
    Well , same story as such , College restricts me to Karnataka , but visit Delhi/Indore during holidays. Nice to have an Indian Mod after a long time , the last I know of , TheItalianTsar was incharge representing brown people. Watching Ganso?
    I think that he will leave. Partizan is bringing two CB. They are getting one because Krstajic retired and the other one to replace Savic who is leaving. I read that beside Roma interested clubs for him are Napoli, Porto, Sporting and Atalanta. Now everything depends of the club strategy. They have qualifications for CL to play. Maybe Rome will get him in the winter who knows.
    That last site looks authentic + good prices...did u check out sidd's pic in jersey thread. Away looks HOT..waiting for it to come up on site + need scudetto patch :D
    hey bro! do you know where to get good deal for jersey's ? some sites have low price and shit, is it authentic? any help would be good. thanks..
    It's not that I dont rate him. It's more like he aint gonna be much of an upgrade over Cassano and that there is a big question mark over him, on whether he can continue to give top drawer performances. He is 33 already and has already shown signs of decline...

    His and Van Bommel's cases are very different imo. Boss came on a free and was still at the top of his game. Drogba on the other hand will cost quite a lot despite his age as EPL clubs overprice their players too much. Plus I dont see him agreeing to play second fiddle behind Ibra, Robinho and Pato. Also his wages are massive and he is unlikely to agree to a 1 year contract (which should be the maximum offered)
    What Nadal and shit? :eek::mad: Anything but.. :o
    Me too Lakers fanboi back in those days. :tongue: but always liked Reggie, gentleman. :)

    Gonna work soon.

    chal lets watch Azzurri! Pirlo. :proud:
    I disliked Rios, dunno why.. used to watch NBA too while in school :D than hardly a time only bits of news & highlights. :o Reggie Miller, Pacers guy?
    Ya, no TS :(

    6:20 AM for us and one on twitter said to me Ronaldo wud come on during 30th min of 1st half and wud be subbed just before HT. I'll try to get up.
    forget about dates, dont want that.. :D just tell me if he scored for Barca vs Madrid.. I know he scored for other 3 but not quite sure for Barca vs Madrid. :conf:
    One question, has Ronaldo scored for Madrid-Barca-Inter-Milan in respective derbies? Any idea?
    jep, i speak urdu, hindi, nederlands, french & german,

    belgium is so small that you have to learn more languages to communicate outside of belgium
    not in antwerp but in leuven, a lot indians & pakistanis everywhere

    what do you do in inidia, bhai?
    my parents are from sialkot, in pakistan, just not in india

    one language, one culture, one milan :)
    Hey, I have noticed you watch ligue 1
    could you give a brief idea about the best midfielders there. especially the best B2B ones.
    thank you
    yeah IT guy who writes about football, loves almost every sport n wants to do an MBA really soon.. thats me :)
    Thanks for the article on Jordan Ayew, I have heard a lot of good thing about him as well ! Either sibling is welcome at Milan :D
    even I read one article the other day as both'll be unseeded & cud come up vs Arsenal or Bayern etc... whoever gets it sud honor Europa but that'll mean possible bad campaign in Serie A, eg. Doria :fp:, Ipswich Town, Everton.. so.. they sud help themselves :-|
    yeah, they hit mediocrity in these 2 seasons.. but am enjoying it :lol: KARMA?! ;) hopefully merda too return where they belong.. :(
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