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  • I don't see a offer... I'm not even playing any more, the game is boring as fuck and I hate Tottenham. You can have Bale for peanuts if you want.

    will watch Bayern's, wont worry over Inter merda.. hopefully Nazio-Jube match will be covered by them as well. :rolleyes:
    I left after, Marseille's GK saved the penalty to watch Madrid-Barca.. so dont know abt Taiwo's final 10 mins.. and I guess, Andre scored 1st & Jordan Ayew scored 2nd & 3rd and ofcourse dunno abt 4th.

    Good result for Didier & his men! Fans were chanting his name.
    Great! Checked just now, for once they used their heads.. by showing Moto GP till 6:30 (will get over by 6:15) and than our match. :cool:

    And Napoli-Genoa match is on TEN Sports, saw their schedule & may be Bari-Roma match as well.
    Microbiology is a great discipline, very WIDE..I'll specialize in clinical virology specifically and the whole of clinical microbiology in general (immunology, pathogenic bacteriology, haematology, etc.) Well the plan is strictly NO 9-5s unless I do stay in Canada well after my second degree and naturalise..then I may work in a hospital or something to support my business endeavours. But eventually, when I'm truly financially independent, then it'll be time for a PhD and then SERIOUS all that myself, no need being obsequious with some university or private entity just to get grants. Maybe I'll end up doing full-time virological research, but that's unlikely as I love variation in my life..why I'll try as much as possible to avoid slaving for some nerd with a beer belly in a 9-5. :)

    Work hard, ball hard..that's who I am...I'm out again till later tonite. ;)
    I return..whew!!! Sorry for yesterday..had a couple meetings till evening (even on Sunday!!), once I came back, did some cwaazy gaming :D, slept DEEP thanks to the heavy rainfall. Today, cruised round most of campus looking for choice locations for an idea of mine while doing a lada Ke$h and nümetal. :) I'm really tired, and HUNGRY, :burger::lol: but let's get this done first.

    Canada is a lot colder than the UK, yes to that, but I'll be in Ontario, and that according to my uncle is the warmest there..I understand we may be talking like 16 Celsius in summer, winter? Anything from 0 down :shiver:..however it goes it'll all be fun, so I'm not pertubed.
    One thing that annoys me with the Romance languages (French, Italian...) as compared with the Teutonic languages (English, German...) are the gender and plural forms of articles and, i, la, le (Italian) do you know if a headset is male or female, for example? And that's just the very beginning.. :(

    Eventually I'd LOVE to learn a lot of poetry in that.

    Again, no-one parties as hard as we Lagosians..New Yorkers don't even come close. :tongue:
    Canada came up because I've got a young uncle there whom I'm very close to..would make things much easier for me. Could change my mind though..really I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Right now I've got to end my BSc sojourn.

    Nottingham, London..just took a mental note. :)

    8 languages? That's, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (already ~10,000 words learnt)..7, 8? You're officially a polyglot!! :thumbsup: need for all those phrasebooks then? I envy you, much time did it take you to fully learn maybe Italian (if that's one of them)? How often do you need to recite the words or something? I really want to learn Italian and Spanish within the next couple years, but I'm quite preoccupied there any hope? :(
    So...I'm a Microbiology major, senior year presently (4-year course)..completely messed up my third year somehow :cry: so I may have to re-do like two courses after graduation around November :proud:, but however it goes the next step will be my 'compulsory' one-year national service, then PG things. Still haven't decided where to do that yet, but there are lots of available I said there're cousins in the UK, but tbh most of them I'm not exactly warm with..staying with them for a year plus isn't my idea of 'pleasant'..and I intend enjoying myself thoroughly while acquiring my MSc :partay::lol: I'll get my own apartment and all but I'm looking at the visa-processing brouhaha plus the first two months or so when I'm still getting a sniff of the area. I like being well prepared..was in Boy Scouts (and the Red Cross) in primary school.. :)
    Netherlands Antilles? Hmmmm, believe I've heard of that before.. :thinkinghard:..wait, Aruba's located around there right? I must've gotten that from a movie or somin, can't remember now..some spoilt bird and her gogo doll friends :) went there for some luxurious vacation--and got macheted and turned to human shish kebab by some INSANE killer on the island :eek:..a little like 'I know what you did last summer' :D.......

    My brain's working overtime right now to remember the name of that movie, but never mind..
    Igbo's very different from Swahili..that's spoken far in the East: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania etc.... Igbo otoh is rarely spoken by non-Nigerian indigenes. Just as Swahili was heavily influenced by Indians (yeah) and Hausa/Fulani by Arabs, Igbo had a little Jewish's debatable how large the influence was, but it's an agreed fact. You can read up a bit about our brotherhood with the Rothschild folk :D online.

    I don't know if I'd want to visit Isreal before I'm old and gray though..I'd rather do Palestine tbh. Yeah I've got some issues with my 'brothers'..I'm not antiSemitic though. :lol:

    And yeah, we Lagosians PARTAAAAY like it's Mardi Gras :D:D..maybe it's the Portuguese blood in us as they were here centuries before the Union Jack. :)

    There's no party like an Eko party...that's a wise saying. :D:D
    I school in Edo state (Google that :)), been here for close to four years now, yet I know just ONE word, a's that bad. I know more Italian (maybe just ~20 words) than Bini.. :fp:

    So really it's just the mental block I put on myself..that could change though. Besides, since I came out blazing from my mum's belly :D:D I've only heard English at parents seldom communicate in Igbo, and when they do it's between themselves or my uncles/ it's been English all the way. :)

    Apart from that, the only other tongue I'm proficient in is our pidgin's a creole, you've got many elements from all the tribes and dialects mixed with some English..and it's always being modified. It's spoken in many west African countries esp. Ghana (those guys LOVE us :D) but as you'd expect it has its variations the farther you go. It's a bit of a lingua franca here, besides English of course.
    Wow, you're lucky..the West Indies and Europa..that ROCKS!!! Once I'm done with this uni cycle I hope to travel A LOT..I will do so. Just for the sake of it. So far I've been around most of our 36 states but not outside the country..but quite a lot of my cousins and close friends are either in the U.S. or Europe (particularly the U.K.) so I get to partially follow what's going on there.
    South Africa (neutral :D) first, the U.A.E. (Sage :D) next..oh, and Canada (Cristiana :D) for my Master's..just a bit of my travel plans. :)

    Bout my native language, it's really a deep-seated psychological issue..I'm not exactly in love with this country tbh, and that extends to the many languages and dialects..that has affected my ability to learn Igbo big-time. In Lagos, the Yorubas are the majority..I've lived there all my life, yet I can only manage a very few basic words. :(
    Problem is they rarely mix up with us..very exclusive bunch. Even for those who have their kids here..don't school with us, don't club with us.. :( The few I've interacted with were rather unfriendly..maybe it's cos that was the first meeting. :/

    I really feel people should let go of prejudices..cultural mixing is a very COOL thing.
    Towwwwy :D, had to rush out of my room for practically the first time all day..was important. I was quite rude for not saying so earlier.

    Anyway..naah, I'm not Muslim, definitely not Indian :tongue: but I love sampling different cultures worldwide. Love learning all I can about them..the only thing is I tend to learn new languages rather slowly :(..their written forms, maybe that's easier, but the spoken one? Suck at that. Don't laugh now but I can hardly speak my native tongue, Igbo..and I'm in my twenties. :)
    I love various cultures..there's this mad wanderlust in me that I MUST satiate before my grave, uh-huh. :D

    Muslims in Lagos? In the MILLIONS. At home the muezzin tends to wake me almost every in school I'm far from the minaret, or else.. :D

    There's a large Indian community in Lagos, much, much more than the handful of Chinese guys there..many of them contracted engineers. (to be contd.)
    Thanx :)

    I wanted to add Silva's quote about he would play a GK for Milan even, but it wouldnt let me. Something about exceeding character limit...
    My browser had a few mad moments but YYEEAHHHHH!!..we're buds now! :dance: Hope to learn a lot behind-the-scenes about our BEAUTIFUL club at your masterly feet.

    :salaam: :)
    Liverpool? I thought they were happy with Daglish (they should be).

    I really think he'll end up in City... or why not as SAF replacement?
    No, have given up on EPL.. only those big matches now.. else am least bothered. And actually I like Newcastle, my team in EPL but still dont see much nowadays. :(
    that's what, we do it only for us :D
    and am not being hard on myself but their logic & commonsense :fp:

    but nice to see plenty of Milan fans out there even after farsopoli & merda's idiotic run.. hate those glory hunters of few EPL teams & Barca-Madrid. :mad::head:

    hopefully net connection would be better on Saturday and for tomorrow :rolleyes:

    its so frustrating :( still i can't figure out why they bought rights to our match if they weren't gonna show it :mad: TEN Sports would have showed.. :( am sure we will have to rely on streams else they would have replied with some valid reason. Sports channels in our country just like to suck! :mad;
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