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  • Ya, infact he's an author on TheHardTackle. I fear if I go on a rant, I'll jinx it for Milan. :cry: so am waiting for one other guy to go on a rant this time else I'll do it myself. ;)
    No, its at 10:30 PM coz of Easter & Dortmund's at 10:00 PM so... they already bought the rights for this weekend's matches (merda's & ladri's matches LIVE & ours delayed :mad:) so no chance on TEN Sports. :( :head:
    NEO are yet it again :mad: Dortmund's match instead of ours :mad::mad::mad:

    Idiots bought the rights to our match but gonna delay it. Shall I go on a rant like previous week? :rolleyes: coz am pissed, actually they don't help it either.
    ohh thank you :D I do it with others so its a team effort :)

    sadly no Coppa matches, had asked NEO to buy rights but... may be next season.
    ya, could be from other Asian channels but I doubt that, they do have rights to Serie A. But come on Moto GP over Napoli-Lazio match? :mad::head: But now I've hopes of that match being aired :D coz of my rant on their page. ;) And I dint even mention about Roma-Juve match, they are airing Golf :mad::mad::mad:

    Got ban for my other profile, exclusively reserved for NEO :D ;) after tonight's Italy match gonna spam again with my original profile. :cool: coz I doubt they'll be awake so late into the night. :o

    May be TEN Action+ will telecast Roma-Juve match as there are no La Liga matches this weekend coz of some TV rights disputes. :rolleyes:
    I got banned on NEO's page for this :mad::head::D

    Why the fuck do you even care to buy rights to Serie A matches if you aren't gonna broadcast them? Why the fuck you wanna telecast Moto GP when already 2 channels, Star Sports & TEN Sports, gonna telecast it why the need for you to telecast it over Napoli-Lazio match? huh? Keep on sucking.

    And who the hell would care to watch a Bundesliga match between Koln and Nürnberg when one of them is for relegation and other just a mid 'fucking' table club? Telecast Udinese vs Lecce match for fuck's sake not some meaningless bundesliga match when both teams have nothing to play for.

    Better you ass#0L3s don't buy rights to Serie A matches let instead TEN Action/TEN Sports broadcast it who are doing a great job with their La Liga, Serie A and UEFA Champions League coverage, not like you, n00bs!


    and they removed this comment as well. :(
    What a bunch of sore losers they are. :rolleyes:
    :o And how to reply? Do I have to visit a person's profile every time to reply to visitor's message? o_O

    No comments about NEO, we should be thankful for them for at least telecasting our and other Serie A matches. :proud::D
    Hahahaha :proud:! What a coincidence, because when he blew that kiss I also knew that I had have it as a sig...
    Post in Ibra thread please.,

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