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    Official: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva Thread

    keep were painful to watch at Milan. Maybe we can ask for more from him if he keeps on punching out these goals.
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    Official: Andrea Conti Thread

    his 2 back to back injuries are definitely character building. please come back now
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    Official: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva Thread

    Come back from holiday! Can't wait to see him in China
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    Official: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva Thread

    What kind of player is he? I can't quite determine if he's a centre forward, a second striker or an attacking midfielder from all the YouTube videos it looks like he's all 3..
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    FIFA Confederations Cup 2013

    italia v mexico on the 17th of June! i don't want to win this tournament because it is cursed! those who win it never win the world cup ;) so i hope spain or brazil dominates this tournament :lol: i cant wait to v brazil in their home country but! should be magical
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    Game of Thrones (TV Show edition)

    Iam in love with this series! wanted to know what other people thought about it?
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    video technology in football? what do you reckon

    im doing an assignment and a question is about video technology in football. yes or no? and i need a public opinion on this topic soooo please share your viewpoints
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    Bosman players

    seems milan are only interested in signing players who are for free so i decided to make a thread of the out of contract players............:fp:
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    2011/2012 Pre Season

    pretty much i was thinking this thread is for all videos, pictures players and torus regarding our pre season beginning on Tuesday.
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    Gustavo Leonel Pereira

    does anyone have a pic of this guy. or maybe some stats on him.
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    Simone Verdi Thread

    he is pretty much in the milan side so we might as well give him a thread. Surname: Verdi Name: Simone Username: Date of Birth: 12/07/1992 Vintage: 1992 Size: NA Nationalities Italy Position: Forward Club: AC Milan A-National player: no ok now ive been watching some footage of this...
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    italian world cup jersey 2010

    9/28/09 UPDATE: Italian news site, **********, has posted clearer picture of the leaked image of the 2010 Italy kits. We’ve updated the article with the new shot. Here is the blurry image we mentioned not too long ago. It looks like someone snapped a shot from a catalog of the new 2010 Italy...
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    Milos Krasic

    Kracar and Krasic ok screw it, for the last thread i did which was for zaccardo the deal fell through but im just gonna open this one anyways because i dont give a shit about superstiotious crap for milan anymore as they are starting to really piss me off. ok sooooo who r these guys and r...
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    Cristian Zaccardo Thread

    Cristian Zaccardo i dont no if we are actually linked with him but i have heard rumours about him going to milan. i havent seen much of him is he any good????