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  • Hey min, thanks for the though but i already have one ,but dont play it.

    I play LOL.Do you?
    Yeah its obvious SBW is no boxer,but he can take and deal out a punch :cool:....shame about the loss ..hate the aussies :thumbsup:...SBW is the 8th wonder of the world :o ..willing to put his body on the line for charity :proud: :thumbsup:

    What I like about him is his humility , despite being the greatest ever he's never come across as being arrogant ala Ibra ,ronaldo etc etc :fp: ...btw I'm sure you're gonna be in love with him after the WC .

    Would like to see Ibra VS SBW :eek:...
    Things are good this side ,and yourself?

    unfortunately couldn't ,wasn't broadcasted here ...and forgot to get a stream ...Caught some highlights off YT

    GREATEST BOXER EVER :thumbsup: :o

    L:lol:L at the Franks bros.
    LOL yeah was pretty upset in the beginning ,but this Tri-Nations we've been dealt the shorter end of the stick with decs. but hey sometimes you get the rub of the green other times not ...hopefully next year ..we'll be grass stained ;) ...but congrats i think overall the better team won and deserved to win
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