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  • I dont know man :D its a link sqauresolid made for me .. i think i good friends good with web and photoshop
    I slept peacefully and i was waiting for the game at 11 am... shit ... then i woke up late

    thanks min... this forum is nuts :D thats excellent
    Wanna taste more than i have it seems delicious :)

    And 4-0 Ft.

    Congratulation with the victory fellow Milanista :beer:
    chicks digging hard man .. damned week , i dont have time for them .. will be back after this week :D
    Tiziano Crudeli: You've won 13 titles, how come you've only won a single Champion's League? And since you left Chelsea from 2007, Avram Grant that replaced you brought them to a final. How come?

    Mourinho: First of all, Alex Ferguson is in my opinion the top of international managers and at 68 he's won two champions. I am one of the youngest managers and have won one. If you ask me 23 years from now how much I've won, we'll see. Second of all, in history there are many managers who've won the Champion's League, almost every year there is a new manager. Some of them win more than once, like Carlo, Ferguson and Hitzfeld. But, I think that in history there is only one manager and one club who were winning a final 3-0 and then went on to lose that final. I am in history only for one reason, that I won a Champion's League with Porto.

    Tiziano Crudeli: But do you admit that there were two penalties denied to Milan? And how about Adriano's goal with his arm?

    Mourinho: Now I will answer in a better way. Your truth 2 minutes ago, was 50% truth. Now it's 33% truth. You know why? Adriano's handball is 33% of the truth, Ambrosini not getting a red card is the other 33% of the truth, and Milan's goal in the previous derby where Milan won 1-0 was offside and is the other 33% of the truth.

    Tiziano Crudeli: Are you also responsible for Inter's transfers?

    Mourinho: The society decides as a whole. But if we're talking about Quaresma it was my decision.

    Tiziano Crudeli: Was that a mistake?

    Mourinho: Wait until the end of the next season, and I'll tell you.

    Tiziano Crudeli: But for now?

    Mourinho: The investment in terms of this season, yes it was my mistake.
    So here's the transcript of the Tiziano/Mourinho bit from the interview (sorry for the wait):


    Tiziano Crudeli: I respect Signor Mourinho, and accept the superiority of his Inter in the championship – 7 points above Juventus and 14 above Milan. The fact remains Signor Mourinho that when you talked about referees, you forgot to mention that in the last derby there were at least two decisions, maybe even 3, that strongly penalized Milan.

    Mourinho: The truth must always be told, yours is half the truth, the other half of the truth is that at 2-0, if Ambrosini got a red card, the final result would not have been 2-1, it would have been 3-0 or 4-0. This is the complete truth.
    Hmm are you sure you sent the right link..? Seems like a typical Crudeli video to me. :D

    I think it was Chiambretti night where Mourinho was the main guest and he was being interviewed. I vaguely remember Tiziano getting in an argument about referees helping Inter or Mourinho using the same formation as Mancini did - something along those lines.. I'll try my best to find a download link or a written form of the interview.
    Unfortunately I can't speak Italian ... and don't remember the whole drama ... so you need someone smarter. But let me know, it would be an interesting read :lol:
    I personally liked the World Cup part most. Summed up my disgust there.

    But hey, what do you think - is the article good for whatever time(like you reading it 3-4 months later) or is it too attached to Tottenham incidents? I wanted to profile Rino through the events and was thinking if I got too carried away with smashing Crouch + J. Jordan.
    Thanks. I had good help from the people in these boards and the whole situation just got me going. Thought about doing it more often but ... :lol:
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