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  • Nope, im just very free atm :lol:

    Im not really employed, just doing agents work for the moment and looking for jobs, want to leave the country. I used to live abroad but then came back because of family issues and now i want out!

    What about you? IT guy? ;)
    AllTFatChildren :fp: & Sidd and Saket is also in here.. masterofnaids :tongue: look in my frnd list
    Sid's the only one active apart from me.. Sushanmilano & milanista1899 are others.. but guess u dont know them.
    I was actually planning to play, but realized I'd be too lazy too keep up with it. :D

    Good luck though, hope one of you guys win!
    Hmmm. Can you link the webiste please. I don't know, i might have signed up, or i might not have. I can't remember whatever it was though.
    Hmmm, i'm not sure what that is. Is that the thing with the thread called "FantaCalcio" in the off-topic section? Because if so, then you'll find the people who play in there :). Otherwise, i don't know what you're talking about. :D
    i thought bald head lost his brains but he is a sleazy dog, he did rape entire europe :D
    hahah this is Milan, we do big things without giving away anything, berlusconi knows how to do that :D
    Thanks for the consideration in letting me know you updated the thread. :) I'll read it and hope to learn abit about Indian football.
    You have to wait a little:

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