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  • Hah, cheers. I do love me a sheep (when there are none of our six fingered, inbred women available, that is). :)
    Very, very happy!:D

    I've got a pic of Drew and Baylen that I'm going to use as a sig sometime this week.
    The damsel in distress is trapped in the tower of the evil emperor's castle. Her only hope for survival is the prince, her knight in shining armor who will climb up the tower to rescue his princess and carry her off into the sunset. And drum roll, please here he comes, gallivanting his way to the castle. He jumps over the moat, climbs the tower, lifts her up over his shoulder, and props her onto the horse. He slays the dragon and the happy couple are whisked away into the glimmering night sky.

    I love you,Beemie!!!
    Yeah, I'm a little proud of our nation's gks :proud:; just about all of them do very well for club and country. Brad Guzan is another potential great one; a certain Villa fan has already been singing his praises.:D
    Still waiting for the answer,but i don't care,as i love you anyway.
    Hope you all right,darling.(too bad this site don't have a "heart" smilies.
    Believe it or not but I haven't seen the movie so I can't give you an answer :)
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