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  • Можеш слободно да ми пишеш тука private message, или најди ме на fb Марко Касапов. Поздраф
    People just lost interest in it i guess,and i really dindt have time to manage it.I might open one again,if Milan has a proper transfer market..and see how i have time for it:p
    LoL... there is no good football in Slovenia either. Our first division is a disgrace :lol: Worthless football. Nowhere close to Europe.

    It is a miracle that our national team is doing good.

    I will do the same with Maribor. Just check the score. But the whole city is going crazy right now. It´s a small city but it lives and breaths football... crazy.
    For some reason I can't arrange friendlies. Maybe when new season has started I can.
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