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  • No problem, those wankers have to be put in their place.

    Their fans made complete fools of themselves aswell, which I'm sure you're happy to know ;)
    Are you drunk? What's with all the bitchy posts? Looking to stir some controversy you little ginger attention whore. :o :D
    I put a little somethingsomething for you in the problems thread. How many halloweens in a row was that your costume?
    Apparently The Times chose the Estonia-Scotland match where we didn't show up as number two in their Top 25 sporting calamities of all time. :tongue: Can't link since The Times seems to have made their online version priced.
    going to a place called edinburgh castle pub tonight for friends bday. Dive bar on ghetto. Figured you'd appreciate it
    Having a go at you in "Dream Signings" thread (last 2 pages anyway :tongue:)

    Thought you'd appreciate joining the party. I figured it's a thread you try to avoid, so you wouldn't see it
    He is one of the leastfunny comedians ever... but it did catch my eye when he said he's half iranian/half scottish. If i could find a 10 second clip of him just saying that really, i'd have linked it.

    Now if you want some stuff i find funny...

    Bert the Broker:
    part 1:
    part 2:

    The boys will be girls:
    part 1:
    part 2:

    Both exemplify what i hate in my life... the constant appearance of ibanker types trying to one up you with women. And of course girlfriends...

    BTW what kind of schedule are you on these days? Judging by most your posts your prime wake hours are 3 to 7 am
    Total hater.

    Nay the sad part is, if milan switched ronaldinho with someone "less talented" but a better fit, someone like modric, jovetic, van der vaart (i realize they all have different style) i'd feel 100% confident they'd win trophies. What upsets me personally is, milan could have had sneijder. I recall trolling 'sign sneijder over huntelaar' and getting laughed at. But really, sneijder inplace of ron you have perfect team dynamic.

    But the thing is, I guess I just have to hope. In theory Ronaldinho could easily be better than all those players i listed in that role. His potential is up there with top in world. But it remains to be seen in this role w/ ibra/pato if it'll happen. I'll poor one out tonight to the prospect.
    If we get Rangers will you go to the game? Prefereably wearing a Milan shirt so I can spot you (only ginger wearing Milan shirt). ;)
    It's never gonna happen unless I go like 9 months straight of being a loser.

    *puts on nerd glasses*

    Guys please stay on topic.

    Posts interview without any comment on it.

    Posts article without any comment on it.

    Guys cut it out with the language. posts list of rules.


    It's a shame neither of us was old enough to remember that perfect wonderful moment in the history of football. Even the last guy commenting the video agrees it's the best WC moment ever
    Hah, it's pretty much like here. My dad says "puta" every 2 seconds and my mom says every minute "puta mierda" since I can remember, I'm actually surprised I'm not into cursing in spanish :D.

    Cayasso is poor now, pretty much no one remembers him (everybody comments on that goal, but his forgotten) every once in a while there's a special program on what's up with him :(.
    Actually cursing in spanish sounds soo ugly, in english it just sounds so tame :D. For example cunt in spanish, well the closest thing would be coño, and coño just sounds so ugly (though it's fairly overused by the spanish people "coño, pasame el libro", kind of losses the really hard expression that it is, but in here it sounds ugly).
    I'm feeling a need to use the c-word these days, the world cup results just affect me in such way. And I also use them cause I know you're shocked and appalled :D.
    yeah i'm not entirely sure who is best DM in spain TBH. I just know Xabi Alonso doing job alone v. a team like Brazil is a recipe for a 4-1 loss, and i love xabi alonso. Then again brazil are a machine but i digress. I'm beginning to get really annoyed with the general spanish boner we see. I am just waiting for puyol to do something awful. Thats all i want.

    Eitherway i suppose for me, of teams left, the most exciting teams are Germany.... followed by uruguay and argentina in different ways obviously. Brazil is a machine, they will win and i can respect it, but i cant say i enjoy them. Germany though, honestly, this team is built to dominate for a decade... italy, england wish they had kroos/marin in there starting 11 let alone bench!
    100% agree on possession as defense and italy in 2008 (people really want to talk up euro2008 as a victory for 'beautiful football' when reallly only russia was a good game forthem.

    However, i just don't think Xabi Alonso is good enough to do the defensive work by himself...For me i'd honestly consider 4-2-3-1 (how fashionable :D) with silva behind villa... iniesta, navas wide (well really only navas but yeah) and xabi alonso + anyone deep. I think at some point Silva's ability to play in the hole and slot a ball into striker is wildly missed vs. an actual well organized defensive side.
    hah, apologies for that. Product of a few too many drinks (which is also came on this post).

    I'm very happy, but i won't lie I feel lucky. That being said, i was VERY impressed with england. They remind me so much of an italian team. Organized, typical slow tournmanet start. But I like there odds deeper. I mean what happened? A fluke keeper error
    I have no idea, I stopped watching at 4-1, but up until 3-1 we were the better team, they took every chance they had, our CB's were woeful. I'm with you on going to sleep for the rest of the season, we already have UEFA cup, we're not finishing 4th, we're not getting relegated, might as well float around doing nothing for the next 2 month.
    Not well. All I can do is sit here and read textbooks. Been doing this knee therapy thing to avoid surgery, but I don't think it's working as the pain doesn't seem to go away. Can't walk without crutches, so I tend to stay in bed for most of the day.

    But when I do have to get up, I do the Ronaldinho gangsta walk.
    No I didn't mean it like that. You're just generally hilarious - was the only thing that managed to make me laugh tonight.

    One of the best posters here, keep it up. :)
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