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    The Tactics Thread

    Since the previous one got wiped, this will be the new thread for chin-stroking over-analysis of tactics. Rehashing of Andy Gray-isms will not be tolerated.
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    Ticket Prices?

    I noticed a post in another thread about the increasing cost of watching football in the UK, and it's got me thinking about whether fans get hit harder here than elsewhere. For example, I'm paying £26 (about 31 euros or $39 US) for a ticket for the god awful away section at Ibrox on Saturday...
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    Favourite Football Songs

    Yep, close-season is killing me. So if anyone fancies a wee distraction from ridiculous transfer rumours and general idle pissing and moaning... What's everyone's favourite fitba' song/chant? Details of why you like it appreciated but not essential. Doesn't have to be a Milan song...
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    Attending Matches

    OK, it's close-season and I'm bored. So just out of curiosity, how often do people on these boards actually go to a football match? And if not, why not? Is it due to the cost, living too far from where matches are played, the quality of football near you, or are there other reasons? Does...
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    Defending of set pieces.

    OK. Great strike or not, Reggina's goal was thoroughly avoidable had Milan pushed out quickly enough to press the ball. On top of that, there was a general failure to properly deal with the first ball in from corners and free kicks today, something I think has been a feature of Milan's play...