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  • Hi mate still playing PES 2012? Do you know when the winter-transfer update will be up?
    hey mate sorry for the long reply, in the end i didn't use the patch cause it caused my laptop to crash. :(

    thanks anyway :D
    hey man,

    I installed the patch at Program Files x86, when I want to use the patch, it says that the file cannot be accessed, is the reason because i installed it at x86?

    thanks :)
    hi mate thanks for asking, i haven't got the time to check the game again, been busy lately. I will check again this weekend and ask if you can help me. Thanks! :D
    I will leave you a message tonight after i got home from work. :)

    Thanks in advance.
    if you don't mind can you give me a play-by-play of how to properly install the patch for me?

    only if you have the time though, thanks :)
    woaa nice :eek:

    i cannot use the patch, after I install the two installers as per the instruction and about to play the game, it always says that the file to kitserver (or some kind) cannot be accessed :(
    hmm.. how should i put it, i found one, installed everything according to the instruction but it didn't work :lol:

    u might want to try, who knows you might be able to make it work :) if you do, please inform me.. I took the patch from the link in that PES 2012 thread btw
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