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  • hey kiddo... do u play fantasy football? I just created a league...join it it you play 1166577-249711 ... first time I bothered creating a league :)
    ok enjoy your day
    I'm well thanks. World Cup was awesome... went to 10 matches around the country. I was following Spain so went to all 7 matches they played and even got to see Italy vs Paraguay... 3 rows alongside the pitch near the corner where Zambrotta was playing first half :)) felt like a dream! Now can't wait for the season to start. How is school and everything else?
    I really appreciate what you do in the primavera thread. All the news you post over there i translate and post it on a dutch forum where other Milan fans read my posts. So you're making a lot of people happy in a chain reaction ;).

    Fuck Sod-lod, he's being a douche.
    Thank you Charbel! Happy Easter to you too, hope you had a good time with family and friends. :)
    Well then, you're very sweet. :)

    I don't know how uni is :D, haven't been there in a month due to car accident. My final exams will now be worth pretty much 100% of my courses, which sucks majorly since I have to learn all this material on my own. Better than repeating the year I suppose.
    Awh Charbel. Is that from somewhere or did you make it up yourself? I bet it was for that girl you were chasing. ;)
    And if anyone on here will ever get my e-mail, it will be you. I don't think you're as peverted.. yet.

    Hope everything is okay with you. :)
    Nope, 5 away from 200 career Serie A matches played. He'd become only the second GK in Milan history to accomplish that feat (Rossi). That's just one reason why it's crucial for him to have a good game against Inert.
    Uni's been pretty good, lot's of hard work though.
    Glad you're doing well in everything, including your studies. :)
    because I didn't want to be insulting.

    sorry for using the word hate though
    I'm all good,thank you,bro!!!
    Working hard,but it's ok.
    Feel so sorrow about our current situation.But eventually everything will be just fine.
    Hope you all right and see you soon,mate!!! :)
    I'm doing too much. My hands are always full. Hey if you're doing any science subjects feel free to ask ol dru. I got distinctions in math, physics, chemistry etc in high school. Only did good in bio though *surprise surprise * :rolleyes:
    Not really, just studying for a Chemistry midterm. x_x You? Did you start school yet?
    its an agreed upon rule, stop being such a shady fuck. I can't be checking this at all hours, it's unfair if someone bids and u up it by 50k right before SM update
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