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  • Congratulations! What are reactions in Italy? I guess you are slightly surprised/dissapointed with how hard it came? Estonia is a bit disappointed since we know this was probably our best shot to take down a (wounded) giant. Anything interesting said about the match? My pictures were mostly rubbish but here's a few ok ones.

    Italian sector:

    Estonian fans:

    Freezing referee :D

    Highlight of the match:

    The winddancer -

    I liked the idea of opera singers for National Anthems. Unfortunately they were a bit shakey as was the weather but idea was still good -
    Yeah(The National Team games are obviously more expensive but 20€ is pretty cheab, I reckon). Though I watch the local league 3-4 games a year. It's just not intruiging. Specially to me who considers Milan as first club.

    Will do my best with the pics but I really don't use the camera much and usually forget about it during the games. Good luck!
    Albertini eh? I'm going to have to look into that. :) I'm not sure where they will be ... maybe on the opposite side as the VIP is there.

    They were planning extra seats below the curvas so there was few tickets to those available yesterday. But overall it should be sold out. Pretty good result as we are have the worst supported league in Europe -

    I'm not sure if Spain sold out for the WC qualifiers after they became European Champions.
    Obviously I'm going. In the red bracket ;)

    Weather report expected 20-25m/s Northern Wind + rain possibility. Does that count as a storm? :eek: Could blow up the plans of having these fellas:
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