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  • Job is a job. Not much to add. Don't even know what job to dream about.

    So you're doing nothing at an embassy? More political knowledge for me.
    Thought I already replied but ...

    Nowadays I'm on IT as you can see from my growing addiction in the forums. Working in a tech-service line of computers. Nothing to be jealous of.

    Most of my course work in logistical points just out of the city were goods are gathered and then distributed throughout the city. Obvious places for that work is also airports, shipping ports and such. Like you already said it can be done everywhere.

    So where has your fate guided you that you need to dream about other jobs?
    Studies went ... down the drain. Flirted with dropping-off a little and when it was time to go to the army I didn't fill my paperwork enough and got kicked out. I think I could have found my way back in but wasn't too interested. Went to college because of the society anyways.

    Logistician handles the transportation of goods. If you really didn't know it.

    Was that the best you could find? I have threads that masster would be proud of :D

    (I had the fucking album on. Talking about F-A-I-L)
    Band challenge: lost.
    Scarf: soon to be lost.

    I'm going to learn Italian from there.
    You're at home - injured and alone. I know your name and got your location through the satellite. That's a very vunerable situation.
    It so bothers you that I wasn't there but have what could've been your stuff, and all you have is la Gazzetta (Sportiva, not even dello Sport :tongue: ). You probably haven't been able to sleep since. -c4m

    You need to be careful with the info I have.
    Do you know you have Dida in your fav players list? I never would have imagined. I'd think there would be Ruud or sth ..
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