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  • Dinar great work man in Twitter you are really bugging them on Milan and getting good results too Denarius17 .....HatsOff!!!! really.........People like you inspire me so much that today i realise that i am not using technology in order to get more out of Broadcasters.......You have set a wonderful example.....Huge respect man.......for u.....:proud:
    Only thing i don't get regarding SERIE A telecast in india is that as far i know the rights is with Ten Action Plus then how come Neo is showing the match?Isn't Ten Action not going to telecast any matches this season?Finally keep up the good work........I see a bright future as far as Football telecast in India is concerned...It is just a matter of time before 24Hour Football Channels takes over after that we can see even Afghanistan League Live.........:lol:
    Man, maderchots they are, they never give preference to Italian football. :mad:

    Anyways, guess stream will have to do.
    Dinar Torrents are like that if there are no seeds then the downloading speed will be like :fp::fp::fp::fp::fp:

    Is the CD available in India through Retail Shops? or E-Shopping?The English version that is........I am sure it will not be available in Kerala but if it's out there somewhere i can arrange to get me one..............:D:D
    Sunil might want to contact u guys to watch Milan matches or Big/Important Derbies.

    Dinar just curious who is Sunil?:D:D:D
    Hey dinar if you can find a download link of the super coppa that'd be great please but don't tell me the score, if/when one is released
    Sry, posted it on my visitor messages, yesterday :D

    Yo man,

    I can't see the photo. You probably saw it for a day since it was in your cache or something.

    But to be frank I know little of IT. So don't take this truthfully. I noticed Twitter photos are often seen for short time only ... maybe they change location or sth(?).

    Take care,
    Yo, there should be a good article coming out later today on themilanguy.com, all about stats of our performers, thought id let you know :tongue:;)
    Rios was the shit back then, he was like what Nadal is now. Reggie Miller yeah, i always liked the Lakers though, Shaq and Kobe, even now Pau and Kobe. This season however, the Galacticos of Miami Heat will win it.

    What do you do now? Work? Uni?
    I miss the days of Pistol Pete, Andre Agassi and Marcelo Rios.

    Tennis was good back then, after that lost interest...then i turned to NBA :tongue:
    Oh an hour earlier, even more difficult :tongue: quite a mission but i will try as well...Whats with the Safin pic? His bday or something? :lol:
    Its at like 7:20 am right? No TS and 15 mins of one of the greats, tough choice. If i wake up i wake up if not theres always youtube or 101GG because most of them will give the extended versions...on the stream its going to turn out pretty shit anyways.
    Yes he did in all 4, out of my head i remember that he scored for Madrid vs Barca in 05/06 and 07/08 he scored for us against Inter. Will need to check the dates of the other two but im sure he has.

    Edit: Wiki:

    During his time with Inter, he scored several goals against A.C. Milan in the Derby della Madonnina.
    That was my thoughts exactly. I've never seen him praise himself, so that was kinda weird. If it turns out that he actually DID say it, please inform me.
    Nah, Inter actually have a good bad of youngsters and youngsters coming in. Castaignos and Alborno, do some scouting, pretty talented players. I liked what i saw of Benedetti, Biraghi and Natalino. Main target is Sanchez and Banega, both 22 and potentially WC.

    They wont fall like Juve, next season i hope the 'old lady' comes back up but they will need some massive rebuilding and i just found out that Udinese and Lazio are pretty much gonna fail in the CL [refer to EPL thread and you will understand] so Italy is in deep shit if Roma and Juve dont recover...
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